About the Marriage Facts Maine Coalition

The Maine Marriage Facts Coalition is an informal coalition of pro-family groups and individuals in Maine who support preserving traditional marriage in our state.

Currently, the coalition includes the following groups: Family Watch Maine, Maine Coalition of Concerned Families, Maine Eagle Forum, Maine Marriage Alliance, Maine4Marriage, Concerned Women for America - Maine, and the Maine Jeremiah Project.

We know that an overwhelmingly convincing case can be made to preserve marriage as only the union of a man and a woman that is based entirely on the lessons of human history, social science research and just plain common sense.  We want to help as many others in our state to understand that as well.

Radically redefining marriage to allow any two individuals to “marry” would fundamentally change this time-tested social institution.  There is absolutely no assurance that society would continue to receive the many benefits that man/woman marriage has been proven throughout human history to provide.

We are also determined that the responsibilities in this debate rest where they must by logic, the minimal standards of responsible public policy making and just plain common sense.  In this debate, the burden of proof that legalizing same sex marriage will not harm society rests squarely and entirely on those who are advocating this radical change.  We are committed to ensuring that they fully bear that burden of proof.  

On this site, you will find summaries and analysis of some of the facts and information that make this compelling case against legalizing same-sex marriage Maine.  This web page is one of a number of other educational activities we will be engaging in over the weeks and months ahead. .   

We hope you will study this information.  We are confident that when you do you will join us in working to preserve traditional marriage in Maine.

Visit our “Take Action” page to easily contact your legislators and help spread the word to others in Maine.